June 5, 2011 | Exhibitions, Visual Work

January 12 – March 1, 2008
opening reception Saturday, January 12 from 6 – 10pm

At the center of this exhibit was a poorly perfect bound draft of my novel “Bygones.” The novel is divided into three sections describes the landscape of a family, in the wake of a father’s death. While the book had a only small presence in the show, all of the visual work (paintings, 2 videos, a sound piece and a soft sculpture) were transcriptions of specific passages. I was interested in translating the intimacy of a reading experience something visual that might be shared by many viewers at once. The text provided the linear landscape for the visual art.

Most of these themes  begin in Asia. In one video series, cutouts blow around in a series of public installations in Tokyo, Manila and Hong Kong. In another video series, “Fortuna: The Greatest Super Hero in the World” posts a sign on Lama Island announcing her own greatness (part of a public performance in 2005/2006). Fortuna reappears in another piece watching home videos of Tokyo as they are projected on a pillow made in the same shape as the paper cut outs. A haunting audio track from a Hong Kong underpass was set to repeat in a corner of the gallery, and finally, to provide a visual resting point, six gouache, collage-on-paper paintings were positioned at various on the walls. The paintings referenced moods of the text, serving as intuitive landscapes of the various characters’ states of mind/being. Throughout the exhibition, fictional, personal and historical weave in and out.

The show/book sprang from an interest in global economies. Hong Kong is a particularly interesting city as a gateway for trade to the East and how it has been a pivotal site for Imperial interests.