Happiness Machines

February 27, 2012 | Exhibitions, Visual Work

“Happiness Machines” an exhibit at Roxaboxen Exhibitions

HAPPINESS MACHINES, is a solo show (June 10th – June 24th) with an opening exhibition on June 10th from 6-10pm. An energy drink of the same name and a collection of short stories, PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY, will be released concurrent to this event. You can read an interview about this show by going here.

HAPPINESS MACHINES—the NEW energy drink—is a beast of joy. So good you’ll be hooked! Be gone dull day, now you can get your zip and smile about it. HAPPINESS MACHINES will make its debut appearance this June at Roxaboxen and will be available for free during the run of the self-titled exhibition.

HAPPINESS MACHINES—the NEW, flanking exhibition—features hundreds of cut-out collage drawings made with fugitive materials (construction paper, white-out, fluorescent pen, permanent pen etc). Awkward graphite outlines of celebrity referents like (among others) the Olsen twins, Orlan, Kurt Cobain, Angelina Joli, Damien Hirst, and Michael Jackson are juxtaposed with text gleaned from tabloid headlines, advertisements and, occasionally, philosophers. While various, each drawing is part of a single *fan-tsy* edition, hanging like comics in a drug store, sheathed in plastic sleeves. Drawings are available for $3 each.

PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY—the NEW book—inspired both exhibit and delightful green experiment beverage! Happiness Machines. Each story appropriates celebrity figures like paper dolls and enacts new drama. Imagine Dr. Dre’s first experience coming on the Burning Man festival! Imagine MJ’s death was only a publicity stunt! What if Woody Allen found a protégé? These are just some of the scenarios you’ll entertain in this delightful volume. Introduction provided by Lily Robert-Foley, with delicious design created and covers printed by Sonnenzimmer, this full-color book was made in an edition of 100 and will be available for $20.
Prior to the exhibition, 25 copies of PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY were placed, with bar codes, in supermarket checkout aisles in Chicago IL.

Some stories in this *HOT* new collection were previously published in Artifice Magazine (Bling Bling), Monsters & Dust(Kiss the Chief), Pinch (P/oar) and as a featherproof minibook (Agee by the Bedpost). PSD will be available for purchase for the duration of the exhibition and through The Paper Cave bookstore.

Roxaboxen Exhibitions is an artist run gallery and performance space in the heart of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. They provide a space for creative collaboration, as well as distributing/acquiring ideas and information.