October 15, 2013 | Published Articles, Writing

This article just came out in Paper Monument No. 4 and features Marcus Coates, Milan Metthey and Art Orienté Objet — all artists who push and pull against the liminal bounds between human and animal experience.

Through the horse-blood infusions, Laval-Jeantet claims to have effected a shift in her consciousness in which she experienced the world as an herbivore: sleeping little, being unusually nervous. “In my opinion,” she said, “my essence was not changed, but I was able to respond to an eternal frustration: I could finally feel Animal Otherness in me, outside of a purely anthropocentric point of view.” Of the prosthetic cat device, she wrote, “As soon as I put them on and got used to this strange way of walking, the cats came up to me, sniffed and jumped on me, playing with me in the same way as they played between themselves.”