The Chronicles of Fortune: Graphic Novel by Coco Picard

March 10, 2017 | Books, Comics, Visual Work, Writing

Now Available!

Originally published as a series of minicomics, this quirky and idiosyncratic adventure of Fortuna, the greatest superhero (tragically stricken with ennui), is now collected into a single volume from Radiator Comics!

The Chronicles of Fortune follows the lives of Fortuna, and her alter-ego, Edith-May as they learn to cope with loss, recruiting a team of friends along the way! Discover a temperamental stove, a nosy mountain, a goofy crocodile, a loner moth, and a singing goldfish as they lead Fortuna on her greatest adventure! At once charming, sad, funny, poignant, and bizarre, The Chronicles of Fortune keeps one foot in mundane reality.


“Picard layers depth, even as the drawings themselves are single, thin lines that don’t even try to be exacting in their depictions, reminding me a lot of Eleanor Davis’ black and white comics….What’s great about that is how Picard draws the mundane (like office gossip sessions) exactly how she handles the unusual, like a thought-projecting mountain that moves in.” — Rob McMonigalFavorite Indie Books from 2017

“Edith-May, loner and protagonist of Coco Picard’s graphic novel Chronicles of Fortune would hate cheerleaders, I imagine, as much she hates bachelorette parties, and for this (and many other reasons) I adore her.” —The Millions

“…the rarest of fictional treats: I was reluctant to leave this strange, haunting, depressing, enlivening, fantastical world.” —Optical Sloth

“In the guise of a fantastical hero comedy, The Chronicles of Fortune is a story about succumbing to and triumphing over loss and grief in all its forms…” – Hyperallergic

“…each facet of [The Chronicles of Fortune’s] publication illustrates how, when publishers, distributors, and creators are truly invested in a work, the result will be wonderful.”-Women Write About Comics

The Chronicles Of Fortune stands as a confirmation of the misfit’s path in life. Not only is it okay to be different, it’s okay to look like a failure in the eyes of others. Who cares? Just you, you’re the only one who needs to care. And are you happy? That seems to be what Picard is asking.” – Comics Beat

“Edith May/Fortuna’s urban adventures are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland’s vignettes. With the appearance of Death as the ultimate foe, Picard creates a superhero with emotional resonance and a deeply empathetic story of one woman re-entering the world.” – Chicago Artist Writers

“You should buy The Chronicles of Fortune, read it, then share it with someone you love.” – Entropy 

“Alternately sweet, funny, and heartbreaking, The Chronicles of Fortune is a charming, lyrical meditation on fragile connections. Picard crafts tidy, seemingly unrelated vignettes which slowly knit themselves together into a touching and thoughtful finish.” -Sarah Becan [I Think You’re Sauceome / The Complete Ouija Interviews]

“At first seeming like a dreamlike biographical comic with a cool meditative art zine aesthetic, The Chronicles of Fortune slowly reveals a sweet blend of deceptively simple narrative devices and complex philosophical ideas while keeping a fun vibe through the entire book ride. You won’t regret injecting this book into your soul.”-Farel Dalrymple [Pop Gun War / The Wrenchies]

“I’ve never read a more whimsical meditation on death and loss. Picard weaves childlike escapism with playful symbolism in a series of melancholy vignettes that somehow overflow with love, humor, and hope.”-Ezra Claytan Daniels [Upgrade Soul]

“The unlikely adventures of an even less likely superhero, The Chronicles of Fortune unspools through history and happenstance gathering into its narrative orbit a ragtag crew of sidekicks and gadflies. Picard draws with the angles and tangles of a witty wire sculpture, and writes along an equally idiosyncratic path through frustration, friendship and loss.” -Edie Fake, [Gaylord Phoenix / Memory Palaces]

“Have you ever visualized the speech of a moth? Coco Picard has, and rendered it with her unerring expressive line, one many unembellished details in the universe of Chronicles of Fortune. Edith-May, who carries her etiolated super-hero alter-ego Fortuna like a guilty secret, wanders through territories historical, biological, imaginary, enchanted, and ordinary all at once, as she sets about rebuilding her life after the trauma that transformed her. Picard illuminates secret spaces and exquisitely captures the uncharted emotional terrains of loss experienced as a young adult. Seeing these fragile landscapes rather than defining them Chronicles journeys into odd and alluring worlds with tones and compositions that freshly glimpse grief and resilience. The Chronicles of Fortune, an illuminating achievement, ushers the comic form into the 21st century in all its post-human exuberance and uncertainty.” -Lin Hixon and Matthew Goulish [Every house has a door]


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