Coming of Age

November 22, 2017 | Curatorial, Exhibitions

Sep 09-Nov 19, 2017 at Sector 2337 
Opening Reception Sat Sep 09 from 6-9pm
2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL 60647

Featuring Rebecca Beachy, Rhonda Holberton, Essi Kausalainen, Takahiro Iwasaki, Aki Inomata, Ebony G. Patterson, and Tsherin Sherpa

The libidinal flux of the teenager has left a permanent mark on culture, normalizing radical consumption in service of an endless will to change. With the end of earth’s resources in sight, this paradigm needs revision. Presented by The Green Lantern Press, Coming of Age presents the work of seven artists from different parts of the world that subvert our material and cultural landscape with meditative gestures. Whether looking at Takahiro Iwasaki transforming a toothbrush into the site of an electric pylon, Aki Inomata’s alternative housing for hermit crabs that recall a sense of itineracy, Essi Kausalainen’s table top performance, or Ebony G. Pattersons coffin procession, these works acknowledge a predominant state of violence while calling for a greater  optimism. Rebecca Beachy inserts a taxidermied bird into the gallery walls as a time capsule-cum-relic. Tsherin Sherpa uses traditional Thangka painting techniques to swirl subjects in a reflection of instability, and Rhonda Holberton presents a virtual desert, recalling  the ambiguous possibilities of digital space and its impact on daily life. Coming of Age torques scale, technology, and location in search of sustainable agency and repair.

This exhibition is produced by The Green Lantern Press with support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and curated by Caroline Picard.

Header image: Takahiro Iwasaki, Out of Disorder (Coney Island), 2012. 15 3/4 x 63 x 51″ (dimensions variable).  Mixed media and beach towels. (c) Takahiro Iwasaki. Courtesy of URANO.

Press for Coming of Age:

“Three brilliant artists from the all-star exhibition line-up: the conversation includes, but is not limited to: hermit crab housing, hair shirts, the human embodiment of plants, horse skeletons, and taxidermy birds.” Rebecca Beachy, Aki Inomata, Essi Kausalainen, and Caroline Picard on Bad at Sportspodcast.

“Far from equating [Coming of Age] to human extinction or obsolescence, the exhibition proposes ways forward out of dark times, while accounting for the presence of flora, fauna and the stuff of our own making that occupy this world as well.” —Max GuyChicago Artist Writers.

“I was interested in the ways current technologies aid in the production of purely imagined things and wanted to circumscribe the physical realization of these digital apparitions.” —Rhonda Holberton interviewed by Monica WestinPerforma.

Aki Inomata’s transparent shells built for hermit crabs stand out in this seven-artist show of body-themed art. The actual crabs stayed home in Japan—Inomata considers them pets—but their 3D-printed shells carry the likenesses of miniature cityscapes” —Chicago Magazine

Documented Dialogues, a video interview with Rhonda HolbertonCaroline Picard, and Tsherin Sherpa.