This comic will be available via print in a forthcoming issue Diner Journalwhen it comes out, I will post the entire comic here as well.



This is a sneak peak of my first experiments with color-in-comic form. It will come out in Seven Stories YA edition of The Graphic Canon (forthcoming).


This comic tells the story of a material-girl gang that travels through time performing bank heists. They live in the future, at the end of time and even live past the final apocalypse, at which point they merge into one chubby sphynx cat. There is more too it, I suppose, but the concept began when I tried to imagine what the world would be like if female arousal punctuated public space. And because I wanted to make a fem-Bmovie in comic form.





An alternate account of what took place between Joseph Beuys and the coyote. Posted on Bad at Sports here.


Also part of The Graphic Canon (Seven Stories Press, 2013), this comic is a based on an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s first novel, A Voyage Out. It has not yet been published…more details coming soon.


This is just one image from the Incan Play transcribed from text-to-image/text for The Graphic Canon (Seven Stories Press, 2012). In describing this translation, Editor Russ Kick says, “Chicago artist and writer Caroline Picard creates highly inventive comics. Pushing the form forward, she arranges and integrates images and words to create a unique, sinuous flow. Panels as such don’t exist. Everything blends seamlessly, and each page seems like a single work of art even though it contains a sequential narrative.” Read more about the book by going here.


We went to visit some friends in California; while there I found a bottle of Emu Oil Shampoo and was inspired to devise the process of its production. You can read the whole comic by going here.


Where Fortuna, a super hero who suffers from ennui, came from. You can pick up a compiled version of her first four adventures at Quimby’s (edition of 95, with letterpress covers and offset interior).


A day in life of Fortuna’s day-time persona, Edith-May.